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Harm Reduction Basics for Healthcare Professionals



Activity Type

  • Knowledge





  • Describe the fundamentals of harm reduction
  • Understand the historical and modern-day context surrounding drug use in the United States
  • Compare the three waves of the opioid crisis
  • Understand the benefits of stigma-reduction efforts
  • Consider the impact of word choice in the healthcare setting
  • Explore ways to connect with Harm Reduction organizations to the benefit of patients
  • Explore various misconceptions surrounding Harm Reduction
  • Recall the major goals of harm reduction
  • Understand why utilizing harm reduction in the inpatient setting is an impactful tool for maximizing patient outcomes and minimizing readmission rates
  • Identify creative ways to find middle ground between patient and care team goals to maximize patient outcomes
  • Explore various options for using harm reduction techniques in the inpatient context
  • Consider the potential impact on patient outcomes that the outpatient setting enjoys
  • Understand the role of buprenorphine and creative ways to offer it
  • Understand the role of naloxone and creative ways to offer it
  • Consider brief motivational interviewing and syringe access in the outpatient context


Claire Zagorski, MS, LP, MS, LP
Program Coordinator, UT College of Pharmacy